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Sigil III: Nibiru for chamber orchestra and live-generated electronics (2019), 13'

Hydra for orchestra (2016), 10'

Score to The Dead Awake for chamber orchestra (2015), 8', co-composers: Julián Brijaldo, Moses Conrad, director: Erick Lorinc


Zoetrope for telematic quartet (clarinet, percussion, violin, cello) and live electronics (2020), 9'

Sigil IIa: To Be Left Alone for saxophone quartet and fixed media (2020), 5'30"

Sigil IV: Flak Machine for three guitar hero controllers and live-generated electronics (2020), 9'

Sigil Ia: Toccata for piano and live electronics (2019), 5'

Sigil II: Amistad for alto saxophone and live electronics (2019), 9'

AGBA for cello and live electronics (2017), 7'

Requiem Vitae for soprano, guitar, and live-electronics (2017), 35'

Clickbait for piano and vibraphone (2017), 5'

Concentric Dances for mandolin, cello, and toy piano (2016), 7'

Spanish Moss for timpani (2016), 1'

A God-Awful Small Affair for flute, (2016), 3'30"

Blowing Smoke for bass flute and live electronics (2016), 8'

Kitsune Ken for dance, flute/piccolo, soprano saxophone, percussion, piano, guitar, and cello (2016), 6', choreographer: Elizabeth Homick

Booda, Beeda, Badaboo for clarinet (2015), 4'

Iguanadon for horn (2014), 4'

Consus: An Exploration of Planet and Identity for video, actors, soprano saxophone, electric bass, and fixed media (2014), 41', videographer: Elizabeth Howe

Loose Cannon for trombone(2013), 4'

Sad Iron for string quartet (2012), 5'

The Book of Lies for violin (2011-present)

Diminished Fifth Diddley in No Particular Key for cello (2010), 3'30"


The Hanging Stranger opera for fixed media (2021), 34', librettists: Lena Barnard and Sam Mayer

Sigil I for disklavier (2018-19), 9'

FEMEVizcayaSC for live generated electronics (2018), 12'

Etude Nocturne for fixed media (2017), 8'

FEMEVizcayav2.0 for laptop and ensemble (2016), 10-20'

FEMEVizcayav1.0 for laptop ensemble (2015), 5-20'

Incommodius for dance and fixed media (2014), 4'30", choreographer: Katherine Schneller

Eaten Alive! for dance and fixed media (2013), 4', choreographer: Desmond Hayes

Music: Compositions
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